Fashion Style Moscow exhibition sections

Fashion Style Moscow is a platform for cooperation, presentation and promotion of the fashion industry products. The exhibition presents various categories of goods, including women's garments, men's garments, lingerie and swimsuits, leisurewear, sports and recreation clothes, headwear and accessories.
раздел выставки модной одежды Fashion Style Moscow в Москве
Fashion Lifestyle
High-quality fashion clothes, designer brands, limited collection – everything you need to create a fashionable lifestyle for the most demanding customers.
Fashion Lingerie
A section dedicated to lingerie and beach fashion, as well as home and leisurewear.
раздел выставки нижнего белья и пляжной моды
раздел выставки модных аксессуаров
Fashion Accessories
Beauty and style are all about detail. Stylish accessories are what emphasizes and completes the fashion image.
Fashion Shoes
This section presents all sorts of footwear solutions by domestic and foreign brands.
раздел выставки обуви
Раздел выставки спортивной одежды и активного образа жизни
Fashion Sport
Top trends and sporty outfits for those who choose an active lifestyle
Fashion Education
A section that unites representatives of the education industry, created to present education projects that are directly related to fashion design and demonstrate the best applications of modern technologies to future fashion industry professionals.
Образование в сфере дизайна одежды, индустрии моды